No promise of time

Blame my absence of almost a month on some intense writer’s block …. or the fact that, for a while there, I actually forgot I had a blog … or, just simply, life.

I choose all of the above.

I attended a memorial for a friend’s husband a while back, he was 40 years old when he passed, and something the pastor said during the memorial really struck me … he said that often times, when we lose someone, we will declare that he or she was taken from us too soon, that we were robbed of time with this special person; however, from day one, we are never promised a certain amount of time spent living, nor are we promised years and years with the ones we love, so how can we say that we’ve been robbed when there was never a guarantee to begin with? Of course, I can absolutely understand anyone who would pound their fists into the table … the floor, even … and demand why they lost out on a long life with this person, why they were taken from them so early in life … I often wonder that myself when I hear of someone young passing away … but this pastor made a valid point and made me think … he made me look at life and my loved ones a little differently and made me think hard about how we tend to take our loved ones for granted, certain that they will be there tomorrow, next week, next year. To be truthful, it even kind of put me into a state of panic … wondering if everyone I love and care about knows as much … wondering if I call them enough or tell them I love them enough.

I used to find myself trying to rush through some days, trying to make tomorrow or next week come quicker; now I realize the foolishness and the ignorance of this way of thinking and I am now trying to, as cliche as it is, live in the present … view today as a gift.



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